MicroTouch FPD Touch Monitors

Lightweight and Compact FPD Touch Monitor Solutions
Make room for additional merchandise or desired work space with MicroTouch™ Flat Panel Display (FPD) touch monitors. Ideal for space-constrained environments, their slim profile requires less desktop space than traditional CRTs of the same screen size while offering more viewable image area. Cool running and energy efficient, MicroTouch FPD monitors are available in 12.1" and 15" sizes and are UL, FCC, and CE compliant.

Making the Difference
Touch robustness or input flexbility,3M Touch Systems knows each touch monitor application has a unique set of requirements. That's why MicroTouch FPD monitors are offered with a choice touch technology.

MicroTouch ClearTek capacitive touch technology provides accuracy and sensitivity to the user's touch while offering outstanding durability. ClearTek provides scratchresistance and contaminant-resistance to dirt, liquids, and harsh chemicals. A ClearTek sensor with Industrial (C) Etch has been tested in a laboratory environment to withstand over 225 million mechanical touches without oticable degradation to the surface.*

MicroTouch Resistive 5-wire touch technology provides fast, accurate, and reliable touch when input flexibility is the most important consideration. Resistive 5-wire responds to the touch of fingernails, credit cards, gloved hands and fingers. Resistive 5-wire technology has been tested in a laboratory environment to withstand 35 million mechanical touches without noticeable degradation to the surface.*

* Mechanical touches for capacitive were tested on a single x,y location and for resistive were tested on a single 1cm location, each using a finger-like stylus of 45 durometer, "A" shore hardness, 0.5 diameter with a load of 0.46 pounds, +/- .01 pounds of force.

Additional Information:

MicroTouch FPD Touch Monitor Data Sheet
MicroTouch FPD Touch Monitor Specs-only Data Sheet

Product/Pricing Information
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  • Ideal in space-constrained environments

  • Individually designed, engineered, and tested for volume production using ISO 9001 procedures.

  • Mounting options with VESA-standard devices

  • Available with MicroTouch ClearTek capacitive or 5-wire resistive touch screen technology

  • Accurate and reliable touch performance