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Age verification systems are a fast and easy way to determine a customer's age for the purposes of selling tobacco, alcohol and restricted merchandise. AAV reads a magnetic strip on the customer's driver's license (or ID Card) and then authorizes or denies the sale by notifying the clerk or bartender of the customers exact age.. AAV calculates the customer's age locally, so there is no need for an additional phone line or network connection. AAV is open source and updated frequently, so changes can be programmed whenever a State or ID issuing agency changes their format, as long as the drivers licenses in that state (or ID card) have data storage capacity in the form of a magnetic strip.

Currently, Seven-Eleven Convenience stores throughout California are using the technology. They view it as a tool to assist their sales associates. The system sits out in the open on the counter top. The sales person swipes the card and then enters the type of purchase. It reduces human error in age calculations and diverts customer anger away from sales personnel as the machine makes the denial. The sales personnel are still responsible for checking the customers photo id to make sure that it belongs to that customer and/or to make sure that there have been no obvious alterations made to the license.

Just a few Benefits .......

 AAV lets you read, display and save information from driver's licenses with a magnetic stripe coded according to AAMVA standard. To find out more about AAMVA standard you can go here to learn more: AAMVA Standard Document

Just Swipe a Driver's license to see Name and age of the Person.

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Thru the manager screen you may view and print reports

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You may use your printer to print a verification signature form

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All that you need is a magnetic stripe reader connected to your computer.
You can buy a Certified Mag Stripe reader from us or from any other vendor, just make sure it supports Tracks 1,2.


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