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We can cut our country's gasoline consumption in half this year for less than we lost on Solyndra Solar - just retrofit every gas station and truck stop with both natural gas pumps and electrical chargers. Most businesses would convert their cars and trucks to natural gas today, natural gas is only $2 a gallon. Many more people would purchase electric cars if they could easily charge them. Best of all the conversion and the sales would help alleviate the high unemployment.

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Quick Rewards Customer Loyalty Program
Increase profits today with customer loyalty.

Quick Rewards is available in Arizona from

Point of Sale Hardware / Software
We carry Most brands including Epson



Gift Master
Small Business - now you can manage
your Gift Cards on your PC.



Parlay Card Designer
#1 choice by Sports Bar Owners



Web Watcher
WebMasters watch live hits on your website.


Stop them from tracking everything you do
on your search engine



Time Clock
Now your computer can be your
company's time clock.





Fast POS
Restaurant POS Software



Reservation /  Waiting List / Pager


Automatic Age Verification Software.

Golden Book
since 1995 #1 Sportsbook Top Pick






Our Newest Touch Panels
Fast Touch

Including our Touch Kiosk

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LCD Touchscreen Bonanza - Elo Touch - USB interface

ELO 15"
Touch Screen
Flat Panel
Elo Touch
USB interface
Ivory or Black

Authorized ELO Reseller

Only $479.00 - Free Shipping - Call to order 602-494-9090





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