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This is the complete package that includes the
following optional programs

1. Quick Rewards (Customer Loyalty Software)
2. GiftMaster (Customer Gift Card Software)
3. TimeClock (employee Time Clock Software)
Each of the above software titles my be purchased separately.

This  complete package also includes the full install for FastPOS
which has the following programs.
1. Server Station
2. Hostess Station
3. BusBoy Station
4. Live Manager
5. Inventory Manager
6. Coupon Manager
7. Table Map Designer
8. Windows ToolBox
9. FastPOS Auto Backup
10 2nd Kitchen Printer Time Trigger

Please do not attempt to download this package
if you have a slow internet connection.
This package is 44M
and will require you to have a T1, Cable Modem
or DSL connection to the internet.
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