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Easy to use software for running a professional sports book.

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Frequently asked Questions

Can Golden Book be Networked ?
YES, Golden Book was designed and is used by the major offshore sportsbooks and some have several hundred phone operators with their workstation networked to a server.

If I put in a wrong score can I undo the Posting process?
Yes, Golden Book is the only Sportsbook software available with this unique feature. If you posted wins and losses with a wrong score simply press one button to undo the entire post, put in the right score and post the plays.

How does the voice recording feature work?
When your done taking plays from a customer click the read back button. a new screen will appear with all the plays from this call, click the record button and read back the plays. The voice file is automatically attached to the plays so if there is ever a dispute, click on the play that's in questions and click play the voice file. Its that simple.

Is there a limit to the number of customers the system can handle?
No, the only limitation is the space available on your hard drive.

I have captains, can it figure commissions?
Yes, Golden book can tract captains and players assigned to them. It also will calculate commissions and even keep tract of paybacks.

Can I try it before I buy it?
Yes, Click the download button on the left and you can install the full program on your computer with all functions enabled. It will run for 10 days absolutely FREE.

Is there a lot of typing involved?
No, everything is point and click except when you first enter a new customers information.

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