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Card Reader

magtek reader

Emulates Keyboard Data read from magnetic stripe card is transmitted to the PC as though key-entered  Reader can be attached to computer keyboard or to any flat surface.

LED Feedback Green indicates ready to read. Red indicates error

Cards Can Be Swiped and Read
in Both Directions
Standard Configurations
IBM XT/AT - Tracks 1 and 2 With
Carriage Return
IBM PS/2 - Tracks 1 and 2 With
Carriage Return
Speed Card speed through the unit
may vary from:
3-125 ips at 75 bpi
3-50 ips at 210 bpi
6 1/2"L x 1 3/4"W x 1 5/8"H

Cable Length
PS/2 Coiled Extended Approx.
7' XT/AT Approx. 5'

Additional Card Readers $375.00

Available today  Steve Karas and Associates (602) 494-9090

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