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Business Lease Calculator
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Purchase Amount Lease Type Lease Term
Estimated Payment Per Month: Minimum Monthly Payment $50.00
*Note: the calculation above is an estimate for established businesses 2-years or longer and does not include applicable state and local taxes, shipping and other charges. For businesses open less than 2-years, please call your Steve Karas and Associates Sales Representative for special rates (602) 494-9090

Market Value (FMV): With this option, the customer can purchase the equipment for approximately 12 to 20% of the original cost, depending on the lease term (this provides the lowest monthly payment of all programs). This type of lease is a true lease/rental and is usually 100% tax deductible (have the end user consult with their tax accountant for eligibility).

Ten Percent (10%): The customer can elect to purchase the equipment, which is guaranteed to be 10% of the original cost.

One Dollar ($1.00): If the customer is certain that they want to own the equipment at the end of the lease term, they can purchase it for $1.00. (Monthly payment is generally higher to allow for $1.00 buyout at term's end).

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