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Quick Rewards

If you want to ...

  • retain your customers
  • and keep them coming back for more
  • while accumulating great marketing data

... then Quick Rewards  is for you.

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Lease for

24 months  $200. mo

36 months  $143.00

48 months  $113.00

60 months  $96.00

Purchase at the end of your lease for $1

Have Multiple locations ?
You have 2 options - each store can stand alone and the customers VIP card is only valid at the store it was issued, or you can make the VIP card valid at all your locations. Too do this you will need a polling computer at you main office.
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And most importantly use POS fulfillment
Point of Sale Fulfillment is Cost Effective
. All - in - one -  receipt means no costly monthly statements or annoying junk mail to send out.

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