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1. How many store locations do you have?
2. Which of the following best describes your type of business?
Computer Specialty Reseller - Independent storefront operation.
Application Value Added Reseller - I travel to meet my clients (with no storefront).
Systems Integrator/VAR - Provides integration services from concept to implementation to maintenance, and assumes financial and performance risk for the entire solution.
3. Which of the following best describes your POS experience?
None. I want to get into this profitable POS market.
Some Experience without Networking. Yes, I have installed up to 10 (Windows based) registers within the last year.
Some Experience with Networking. Yes, I have networked 2 or more (Windows NT based) registers within the past year.
Moderate Experience. Yes I have installed more than 11 (Windows based) registers within 1 year.
Heavy POS Experience. Yes, I have installed many systems including peripherals on a network in Windows or NT.
4. Which of the following peripherals have you installed?
Cash Drawer Scale Interface
Pole Display Data Collector
Mag Strip Reader POS Software
Hand Held Scanners Receipt Printer
Counter Scanners Report Printers
5. How many technicians do you have on staff?
6. What is your target vertical market?
Auto Parts Health
Apparel/Clothing Hospitality (Restaurant/Bar/Hotel)
Beauty Supplies Jewelry
Book Store Liquor
Computer/Supplies Nursery
Convenience Stores/C-Store        Paint
Education Pet
Gift/Toy/Hobby Stationary/Office Supplies
Government Service/Repair
Grocery Tobacco
Fast Foods Wholesale/Manufacturing
Furniture Other