Customer Rewards for Small Business
Quick Rewards

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Quick Rewards
is a complete system  used to reward loyal customers for making purchases. Points may be given away based either on dollars spent or as a reward for frequenting your store. You even can give bonus points for purchasing designated products. Because it happens in real-time (instantly), all points are accumulated or redeemed right at the point of sale.  WOW ...customer excitement and no messy and expensive month end statements! Point redemption can
be done at the point of sale too. When a customer has accumulated the preset number of  points, a gift certificate can automatically be printed right on your receipt printer.  But why points? Point programs encourage your customers to use your branded loyalty card   when buying items from you, allowing you to track  their visit frequency and dollars spent.

Plastic Cards

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Steve Karas and Associates manufactures all types of plastic cards and ships through-out the world!! Your system includes 200 printed cards complete with the magnetic strip encoded. Additional cards may be ordered anytime. We usually can print and ship the same day. Plastic cards are used for countless purposes. You may be familiar with credit, debit and ATM cards, but there is also a multitude of privilege, reward, discount and preferred cards needed by restaurants, retail stores, airlines and automotive repair shops. Most grocery stores require check cashing and seniors cards. Now you too can offer your customers your own VIP card.

Card Reader

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Emulates Keyboard Data read from magnetic stripe card is transmitted to the PC as though key-entered  Reader can be attached to computer keyboard or to any flat surface. LED Feedback Green indicates ready to read. Red indicates error  Cards Can Be Swiped and Read in Both Directions

Receipt Printer

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The Epson TM U200 dot matrix receipt printer is an ideal low cost
printer for Point of Sale applications.
The Epson TM U200 modular user-friendly design, graphics
capability, and 3.5 lines per second print speed offer reliable high performance in a compact, lightweight design. Other Epson TM U200 features include a paper end detector that automatically alerts the user when the printer is out of paper, a
manual cutter and the ability to print one original plus two copies.

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AMD K-6 2 566 mhz Processor-64mb SD Ram Floppy Drive-8mb AGP video card-52x CD RomWester Digital 10 gig hard drive-Microsoft Keyboard-Microsoft Intellimouse (PS2)-15' Amptron Monitor .27dp High Resolution Mid Tower case or optional small footprint case. Dual USB Ports-1 year Warranty on Computer System-Windows 98 S.E.

Touchscreen  (optional)
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Quick Rewards Software for Windows 95/98/ME is a fully integrated 32-bit Point Of Sale Customer Loyalty software solution
for Retail and Restaurants.
Its unmatched reliability, remarkable flexibility, and unprecedented ease-of-use
sets a new benchmark for POS Customer Loyalty software

Lease terms and payments makes Quick Rewards affordable to you. Ask our representative for a quote today.

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