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Plastic Cards

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Steve Karas and Associates manufactures all types of plastic cards and ships through-out the world!!

Your system includes 200 printed cards complete with the magnetic strip encoded. Additional cards may be ordered anytime. We usually can print and ship the same day. Plastic cards are used for countless purposes. You may be familiar with credit, debit and ATM cards, but there is also a multitude of privilege, reward, discount and preferred cards needed by restaurants, retail stores, airlines and automotive repair shops. Most grocery stores require cheque cashing and seniors cards. Now you too can offer your customers your own VIP card.

Additional cards

100  $139.00

300  $399.00

500  $599.00

*See order form for larger amounts Order Supplies

These prices are for current customers. New customers add one time setup fee $75.00

Available today  Steve Karas and Associates (602) 494-9090

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And most importantly use POS fulfillment
Point of Sale Fulfillment is Cost Effective
. All - in - one -  receipt means no costly monthly statements or annoying junk mail to send out.

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