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Quad Modem

by Panacom Technology Corporation

Quad Modem

$995.00 Delivered



Imagine Internet Web browsing and file downloading with speeds up to 230K and PC to PC communications speed to 134K bps. You can also get Windows based Internet Sharing, Remote Access Services, Modem Pooling, Broadcast Faxing, Multi-line Voice-On-Demand, and Fax-on-Demand. With the Quadmodem from Action Media, all of these features are now possible with one PCI card, one IRQ and four ordinary telephone lines running on one Pentium 100 PC.

QuadModemTM Hardware Features and benefits.

  • 1 PCI internal card minimizes the number of slots and maximizes data transfer rate from the modem to the host PC.
  • 4 sets of Standard Rockwell based 56K V.90/K56Flex Chips guarantee connectivity with ISP.
  • 4 modems using only 1 IRQ save you the limited IRQ resources in your PC.
  • Fully PnP and standard drivers for Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, NT Server, Workstation and DOS insures software compatibility.
  • Action Media's  Proprietary "Task Manager" Chipset guarantees maximum performance and eliminates the risk of lost data during transfer

The Quadmodem is a fully Plug and Play, easy to install, internal card for your Pentium PC. It uses the high performing PCI Bus interface to insure maximum throughput for communication between the modems and the host PC. With 4 built-in 56K Rockwell chipsets on board, each modem can work individually or simultaneously. The QuadModem software bonds four 56K ISP connections together so you can browse the web and download files from Internet with speeds up to 230K bps. The use of only 1 IRQ saves you the limited IRQ resources in your PC. Action Media's "Task Manager" chipset allows the assignment of only 1 IRQ, and insures the highest level of performance. It distributes the multitask requests to each modem. It then transfers the information retrieved from each modem to the host, thus insuring that all data is communicated in the multi-user/multitask environment. Finally, because the QuadModem uses only one IRQ and one PCI Bus, you can add more Quadmodems to get more lines and more speed. The only limit to the number of QuadModems that can be installed in one PC is the number of IRQs and PCI slots that are available to the user.

Quad Modem Features

Modem Bonding+:

More than just modem bonding for the Internet, this unique feature also allows for bonded communication from PC to PC.

PC to PC Modem Bonding -

The QuadVCOM driver is a virtual Com driver under Windows 95/98/NT. It bonds two or more modem lines as if they were one high-speed data line so the combined speed is the aggregate of the individual lines. It allows any communication software such as video-phone and remote access such as PC Anywhere or Carbon Copy it to send and receive data with speed up to 134K bps. With auto reconnect feature, if one line goes down, Quadmodem driver will keep the other lines going while trying to re-connect. This redundant feature is ideal for remote file transfer of large data base when you cannot afford to re-transmit if a line is dropped.

Internet Modem Bonding with Action Media IMAPS

Action Media IMAPS, which is a proxy server, allows a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Nevigator to retrieve web page data and download files using two to four telephone lines at the same time. So you can achieve effective line speeds up to 230Kbps with 4 telephone lines. If a phone call is coming in while your telephone line is being used, the call-waiting feature will drop the line and let you talk on the phone. Then IMAPS will reconnect the line after the call is finished. You can even temporarily disconnect any line by pressing a button if all lines are being tied up.

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Internet Sharing:Action Media's QuadModem Software IMAPS Proxy Server also allow multiple users to share the bonded connection as if it were one high speed line when installed in the Windows NT LAN environment. This means that everyone in the office can access the Internet from his or her own NT client workstation via the LAN using the single connection, bonded or otherwise, via the QuadModem.

Modem Pooling: Whether demands require faxing, internet use, remote access or any of the other features offered by Action Media's QuadModem, the QuadModem software handle the per modem task assignment to the first available modem and each available there after until all of the requested jobs are completed. This means that the user can go back to doing their job while the QuadModem does its job, even if the requests require several different tasks to be completed at the same time!

Broadcast Faxing:Action Media's QuadModem uses the Modem Pooling capabilities to increase faxing productivity. Whether one fax is being sent or 10,000 are required, this modem solution can do it all when it comes to faxing. Sending up to 4 faxes at a time when using a single board enables every business to decrease the amount of time it takes to get out vital information. This also frees up the lines quicker making them available for other tasks and thus allowing the same phone lines to be used for many different functions. Action Media's QuadModem is a flexible total solution.

Voice / Fax on Demand: Whether business demands require inbound calls to request return facsimiles via automated response or navigate through an interactive voice response call, the QuadModem software can handle the task at hand. This allows automated technology to do the work while business continues uninterrupted.



System Requirements

  • 1 PCI Slot, Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, Workstation or Small Business Server, Pentium Class Processor

Modem Features

  • V.41 error correction (MNP Classes 3 and 4 plus LAP-M) for 100% error-free transmission
  • V.42bis (4:1) or MNP Class 5 (2:1)
  • Async operation over a dial-up line
  • Automatic dialing (N0-N1), answering, parity rate selection and data rate selection
  • Redial, Tone or Pulse dialing and dial pauses
  • Fully "AT" Command compatible
  • On-board communications processing and data buffering
  • Receive Mode has command settings for "fax only","voice only", "data only", and "auto detect".

Modem Specification

  • Modulation: V.90, K56Flex, V.34, V.32, V.22, Bell 212A and 103

  • Data Rates: 56K, 33.6K, 31.2K, 28.8K, 26.4K, 24K, 21.6K, 19.2K, 16.8K, 14.4K, 12K, 9.6K, 7.2K, 4.8K, 2.4K, 1.2K, and 0-300bps

  • Integrity: V.42 error correction
  • Compression: V.42bis or MNP Class 5

Facsimile Specifications

  • Modulation: V.34, V.17, V.29, V.27 ter, and V.21 channel 2 (Group 3)

  • Fax Rates: 33.6K, 14.4K, 9.6K, or 4.8K bps
  • Format: T.4 compressed bitmap
  • Handshake: T.30
  • Command: E1A TR.29 Class 1 and 2

Voice Specifications

  • Codec: Enhanced ADPCM compression/decompression


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