Software Highlights

  FastRSVP For Restaurants software solution is the affordable, easy to use, feature rich, and 100% windows compatible Waiting List / Reservation / Pager  management solution.

It is feature packed and is flexible enough to handle even the most demanding restaurants!

Suitable For All Fine Dining Restaurants

If you've ever been interested in making your restaurant operate more efficiently, and to increase your bottom line, then FastRSVP For Restaurants software solution is the ideal choice for your restaurant automation needs.

Affordable Enough For Everyone

FastRSVP For Restaurants software solution is also affordable enough for even the small restaurant operators.

Super Easy To Learn & Use

With FastRSVP For Restaurants software solution's operation simplicity and ease of use, your employee high turnover rate will be a concern of the past!

FastRSVP For Restaurants software solution allows you to train your new employees faster with less time and money spent.

With 100% touch screen operated point of sales, super easy to follow screen layouts, and the simplicity of Windows based interface, your  staff will be able to use the software in a matter of minutes, rather than days!

Best of all, there is no prior computer knowledge required from your  staff. And of course, our software does not use those awkward product codes, so your staff don't have to memorize them.

FastRSVP For Restaurants software is state of the art Windows based touch operated restaurant solution. It is affordable, easy to use, feature rich, 100% touch operated point of sales.

FastRSVP For Restaurants is the only restaurant software solution that you will need for now and for the future!

FastRSVP was designed to run on any Windows based computer we usually install state of the art hardware.

  • Server: Pentium IV with 512Mb with a 60 GB hard disk drive
  • Client: Pentium 600 MHz with 256Mb with a 20 GB hard disk drive
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/XP or Windows NT/2000 
  • Any pointing device such as windows compatible touch screen technology