FastRSVP For Restaurants software solution is the affordable, easy to use, feature rich, and 100% windows compatible Waiting List / Reservation / Pager  management solution. We sell only the very best  LRS Paging equipment

Coaster pagers are used extensively in many high-volume restaurants around the country. Whether you are a family restaurant trying to page waiting guests or a fast-casual concept paging customers when their food orders are ready, we have a system for you. You can even mix and match pagers to suit your needs.

All of our guest pagers have antitheft and auto-locate features help minimize your losses. They are all UHF frequency and use nickel metal hydride batteries for longer life and no memory.

Our philosophy has always been to put the brains in the transmitter and make the pagers as cost-effective as possible. This combination gives you the most features with the lowest ongoing maintenance costs.

When considering how many guest pagers to purchase, you should use the following equation:

Wait Time (in minutes) divided by 1.5 = # of pagers to purchase.
For example, a 1-hour wait would need about 40 pagers. A 40-minute wait would need about 30 pagers, etc.


Pager Features:

• Up to 2 Mile Range
• Operates in the UHF band
• Simple to use
• Built-in clock for hostess
• Continuous page mode
• Rechargeable batteries (5-yr life)
• Patented stack-charging design
• Duty alert
• Antitheft mode
• Auto-locate
• Wait List Timer
• Optional Star Pagers™ or battery-operated pagers for the manager


• Fast turnover.
• Staff knows who has been paged.
• Guests won’t miss the call.
• Visual paging alerts guests and staff.
• Guests can be greeted by name.
• Very few lost pagers.

Coaster Call IV Specifications:

Coaster size: 4" x 4"
Available colors: blue, clear and smoked
Operating frequency: 467.75 MHz
Battery recharge time: 8 hrs
Power requirements: 120VAC/240VAC



In 1995, Long Range Systems developed Coaster Call - the first combination drink coaster/pager.
Our guest pagers utilize UHF technology for much better signal penetration of walls and floors. Unlike 27 MHz pagers, UHF is ideal for large, crowded rooms such as restaurants, bars, and waiting areas.

All of our guest pagers have features like antitheft and auto-locate which minimize pager loss. A built-in clock can keep track of your wait time accurately.

We use only nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, which are 50% more powerful than NiCAD and are also environmentally safe.

There are no exposed screws on any of our pagers, so tampering is discouraged.