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Never allow your ISP to knock you off the internet again!!!

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How many times have you seen this message?
Your not alone! Most ISP that provide unlimited dial up service have an automatic disconnect. You could have just walked away from your computer or busy reading a long text page and after  a few minutes of inactivity your bumped off, and even worse for AOL subscribers, there browser disappears when ever their bumped off.

AOL will display a message (sometimes ) and then within ten minutes you must respond to stay online.

Most DialUp users complain of being disconnected while running another program, composing mail messages or surfing the Internet.
"I developed Stay-Conn because ... just like you ... I was tired of being disconnected.", Steve Karas

With Stay-Conn, you will never have this problem

Stay-Conn runs silently using very little of your CPU resources its icon is placed out-of-the-way in your Windows95/98 system tray, silently but diligently preventing your Dialup provider's attempts to disconnect you.
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Anytime while Stay-Conn is running busy protecting your connection simply click it's icon on your systray too see the program in action.

User Friendly Program Interface
Stay-Conn runs easily, no cumbersome manuals to read. Once installed there is no user intervention required.  By pressing the update button the program will automatically  check Stay-Conn's internet site for any Free Upgrade. You can always be assured you are running the most recent version of Stay-Conn.

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The user interface was designed to be completely user friendly with no special settings or configurations needed, the program identifies your ISP and monitors your connection. Stay-Conn works the first time and every time you run it and best of all with no user intervention.

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Designed for ALL DialUp Internet Users

The only product that works with all DialUp providers. Unlike other less sophisticated  products that try to accommodate only one DialUp Internet service provider, Stay-Conn has been designed to work with all was DialUp Internet service providers allowing you to change providers and keep on using Stay-Conn.

AOL users - Check this out
Here's a message you probably have never seen before, with Stay-Conn you'll see it often. We used AOL to connect to the internet and walked away from the computer. No one touched the keyboard until the next day.
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Download Stay-Conn today, you too can enjoy the internet and stay connected.
I developed Stay-Conn because ... just like you ... I was tired of being disconnected.",
Steve Karas

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Never Wear Regular Pantyhose Again


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