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  complete computer system

233 processor,3.2gig hard drive, 10.4 touchscreen display, 32 meg memory
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Counter Top Stealth Touch is self-contained, all-in-one touch screen system: a perfect fit for space-constrained applications such as restaurant, hospitality, information service, medical, and the likes. Beneath its elegant design, Stealth Touch is powered by PC technology with industry leading flat LCD display and touch panel system.
Stealth Touch is also network ready, thus allowing easy integration and seamless access to your existing systems: as stand alone unit with a hard disk, or as diskless workstation (running on its bootable flash disk) on the network. Wall-Mounted
Stealth Touch offers an elegant and classy solution in a rugged and spill-resistant enclosure. Its flexible design also allows Stealth Touch to be installed without its enclosure (for embedded applications.)


Processor: MMx 233MHz
Display LCD: 10.4"passive (DSTN), or 12.1" active (TFT) Color


  • Rear Display, VFD 2x20, or Rear Multimedia Speaker, 2W
  • Mag. card reader

    I/O ports:

  • 3 extra serial ports
  • parallel
  • USB
  • Ethernet 100/10 BaseT
  • PS/2 keyboard
  • VGA
  • Speaker Out
  • Mic In
  • Floppy


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Housing Rugged ABS with spill-resistant
Display LCD 10.4 passive (DSTN), 12.1" active (TFT) color
Touch Sensor Resistive (5-wire) or Capacitive, mouse emulation
Processor MMX 233 Mhz
Bios Award
Chipset Intel's TX
VGA C&T 69000, 2MB video RAM
Memory 32MB, upto 128MB
Hard Drive Internal 2.5", 2GB or higher
I/O Interface 2 serials, DB9 male (RS232)
1 serial, RJ45 female (RS232/485/422)
1 parallel
1 network, 10/100BaseT
1 USB port
1 PS/2 keyboard
Speaker out (built-in sound chip), Mic in
Digital I/O (6 outputs, 4 input channels)
Power Supply External adapter, 110V or 220V (12V/5A - 12V/1A)
Environment Relative Humidity: 10% to 95% non-condensing
Working Temperature: 32F to 104F
Storage Temperature: -13F to 140F
Operating Shock: 5G
Life LCD Backlight - 15,000 hours
Touch sensor - 35 million touches on one spot
System Board - 150,000 hours
Listing FCC, EMI, CE Marked, UL
Dimension 12.5" (W) x 11.2" (D) x 2.8" (H)
Weight 7.5 lbs
O/S DOS, Windows, Windows NT, OS/2, Unix, Netware
Add-ons Flash RAM disk (2MB, upto 72MB)
Credit card reader, 2 or 3 track
Rear customer display, VFD 2x20
Rear multimedia speaker, 2W


StealthTouch™ has a flexible design capable to fit into various
applications/markets, such as fine dining restaurants, fast food
chains, hospitals, doctor's office, Internet browser, information
kiosks in hotels, manufacturing automation, and the likes.

1. Hospitality (food service)

Touchscreen systems have helped improve productivity
and service in the food service industry. A waiter/waitress
does not have to run to the kitchen anymore after taking the
order. He/She will just enter the orders on the screen, and the
orders will be printed to the respective food preparer. Drink
orders will be printed in the bar area, while main dish will be
printed in the kitchen area. At the end of the day, the manager
can print reports on total sales and inventory level.

Restaurants or fine dinings are also realizing the benefits
of using the computer to manage their labor scheduling and
inventory. Since counter space is very precious in these
establishments, 14" or 15" monitors are not suitable. LCD
touch systems have become the standard equipment in these
places for order taking and table management.

2. Information Kiosk

Kiosks offer an inexpensive way to provide or collect
information in public places, such as shopping malls, airports,
museums, or even hotel lobbies. StealthTouch™ can be setup
as a compact self-help information provider in these public
places, such as listing available stores and their store numbers
in a shopping mall, or information on available hotels from the
airport, or interactive story teller in a museum. In a hotel
lobby, a StealthTouch™ can be used to promote places of
interest for the tourists.

Large corporation with scattered sites will also benefit
from kiosk technology. Training new employees can be done
using an interactive touchscreen, instead of sending a training
staff to various branch offices.

3. Internet/Entertainment

Internet access is another market that should take
advantage of the touchscreen technology. A StealthTouch™ can
be setup in the airports or hotel lobbies for travellers to send
or receive e-mails, usually at a small fee charged to their credit
cards. Or they can do shopping in the internet, such as sending
flowers or gifts for their loved ones while they are away from
home. Users of these internet-touchscreen terminals will touch
the appropriate buttons on the screen to surf the internet. A
virtual keyboard will pop-up on the screen where users can use
to type by touching the keys on the screen. A Cyber cafés or
clubs are another venues where StealthTouch™ will be
installed for entertainment purposes, such as playing games.

4. Labor Management System

More and more touchscreens are installed in a
manufacturing plant to let employees clock in, clock out, and
check for total hours they have worked or vacation time left.
Furthermore, a StealthTouch™ can used to collect
work-in-process information, such as productivity level on
certain production line, or how many jobs can be done in a
given time. Employees will be able to use touchscreen to check
for any messages from upper management (thru internal e-mail
system.). The touchscreen system is usually tied to the
company's main computer system for payroll processing.

5. Automated Payment System/Banking

StealthTouch™ can be setup in a bank to serve as
automated teller system. A customer can walk to the system,
swipe his/her bank card, and inquire account information or
make deposits. Customers can also use the system to make
payment for utility bills, such as electricity and telephone bills.



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