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Welcome to Time Clock
The only software you will ever need to track your employees hours.

Until now  the small business had a near impossible task using bulky mechanical time clocks and those expensive time cards to track   Employee Hours.

Now with the advent of Time Clock Steve Karas and Associates even the small business can have a Time Clock management system just like the big retailers (you can even have those fancy

    Plastic Employee Card
to give to your employees). With Time Clock the process is easy. All you need is a personal computer and the Time Clock software. Time Clock was written for Windows which means its easy to use, no bulky manuals to read. Everyone finds it a
   Breeze To Use.
We are so sure you'll agree we even let you download it try it out for free. The Download is the full functional program not some limited version and best yet it will run for
    Free for 30 days.
That's right download it and try it out for a full
30 days before you purchase it. 

Employee Cards and Card Reader are optional

Why TIME CLOCK  Software for your Employees?
Your computer becomes your time clock! Employees simply type in an assigned number, or swipe their optional Employee card then press a button to "punch in." Later, they "punch out." You're able to click just one button to see who's in and who's not. At the end of your pay period instead of totaling work hours from time cards, just click one button and our software gives accurate, right-to-the-minute printed totals in seconds.

Time Clock Highlights

  • Easy to use interface designed for quick  input.
  • Works with or without Employee Cards
  • Works with or without a card reader
  • Instant accounting, total hours worked are automatically calculated and displayed whenever you go to the data screen
  • A receipt can automatically be printed at the clock in/out on any printer even a POS receipt printer.
  • Program can be run over an LAN with multiple clock in/out stations and a back office server. (License must be purchased for each computer our software is installed on)
  • Password protection stops unauthorized employees from viewing and changing data.
  • Touch Screen compatible.
  • Your employee's computer can run the software and clock in/out right from his desk.
  • Compatible with all Payroll Services.





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