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The most cost effective, reliable way to process Credit & Debit Cards

Credit and Debit Card Sales With Authorizer For Windows 95/NT Are Easy
Authorizer for Windows 95/NT is the powerful credit and debit payment system that is designed for retail stores, mail and phone order companies, and internet merchants. It lets you process credit, debit, and check sales in seconds! Authorizer automatically communicates directly from your PC or PC-Based cash register to banks and transaction processors for authorization. Authorizer then stores the transactions for later settlement into your bank account.

Whether you use a complete Point-of-Sale system or simply have a PC, Authorizer for Windows 95/NT insures accurate payment transactions every time through a standard PC modem. It eliminates the needd for stand alone credit card terminals and the monthly lease cost! Authorizer also gives your retail counter space back by utilizing your existing PC hardware instead.

The Perfect System for Foolproof Sales!
Authorizer for Windows 95/NT will run in the background while you are using your main software application. When a transaction is ready to be authorized, simply activate Authorizer. Enter the amount and swipe or key in the card number, and Authorizer will get an authorization and print the receipt to quickly complete the sale.

Practically anyone can use Authorizer in just minutes. The large payment window is easy to use and offers context sensitive help. Plus, Authorizer consolidates all of your customer payments into a single PC to supply a complete electronic payment processing system. That reduces employee training and daily close-out time!

End Authorization Headaches Forever!
Try Authorizer for Windows 95/NT yourself and experience higher levels of productivity and accuracy. This is the best investment you could make to simplify and secure your payment transactions and help your business grow!
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Authorizer displays on your screen
for transaction verification!

The Most Compatible System Available!
Authorizer for Windows 95/NT operates perfectly with the most popular payment processing devices including magnetic card readers, MICR check readers, PIN pads, and receipt printers. And Authorizer is multi-user ready for 1-4 or 5-24 POS terminals or order entry workstations using the Windows 95/NT network capabilities.

Plus, Authorizer is certified for use with the nation's largest transaction processing companies and thousands of banks. This means that you can keep your existing banking realtionships without any changes. This translates into the most compatible payment software available for Windows 95 and NT.

  • Certified on the major credit card networks
  • Operates with most Point-of-Sale, order entry or practice management software
  • Works with most modems
  • VISA CPS 2000 Certified
  • Provides AVS address verification
  • Supports the most popular magnetic card readers, MICR check readers, PIN pads and receipt printers
  • Multi-user for 1-4 or 5-24 POS or order entry workstations
  • Modem search program for easy configuration
  • Selective feature password lockout protection

List Pricing

ATO-ADRC01 Authorizer for DOS (1-4 Users) $295.00
ATO-ADRC02 Authorizer for DOS (5-24 Users) $495.00
ATO-AWRC01 Authorizer for Windows 95/NT (1-4 Users) $349.00
ATO-AWRC02 Authorizer for Windows 95/NT (5-24 Users) $549.00
ATO-ASUP Authorizer Annual Support Contract $99.00
ATO-AMM Authorizer Multiple Merchant Module - 10 ID's $199.00

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