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Javelin Wedge
  complete computer system

586-133 processor,3.2gig hard drive, 10.4 touchscreen display, 32 meg memory, Windows 95
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The Javelin Wedge is a network ready, fully integrated LCD touchscreen workstation optimized for ease of use and high
performance. This terminal is LAN ready with support for Windows, NT, DOS, OS/2, or network based software.
Ergonomics include an extremely small profile chassis offering maximum work space and silent operation. The Javelin
Wedge offers unmatched price performance for an integrated Point-of-Sale solution that includes all the features and
economies of scale of a desktop 486/586 or Pentium PC. This PC workstation is ideal for Quick Service, Table Service
(Fine Dining), Hospitality (Hotel Food Service), Retail, Industrial, and general kiosk applications.
The series offers LCD touchscreen display options of 10.4" or 12.1" in TFT Active Matrix color. This industry standard
solution supports off-the-shelf GUI software to meet a wide variety of application and user needs. The Javelin Wedge
supports 586 and Pentium based microprocessors from 133MHz to 233MHz and system memory from 8MB up to 128MB
to meet any current and future software requirements.


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Supports 5x86 and Pentium based CPU's

4MB to 128MB EDO RAM, dual SIMM

Integrated PCI VGA, I/O and LAN interfaces for high


LAN ready with support for Windows 95, WFW 3.11, NT,

DOS, and Network POS software.

Remote or local boot capable.


Integrated resistive membrane touscreen, mouse type


Super-twist LCD in 10.4" or 12.1" TFT Active Matrix Color

(12.1" 800 x 600 resolution only)

Fluid resistant with unporous gasket

Sleepmode when touchscreen is inactive for extended life


LAN drivers for multiple networks

Enhanced video drivers

Flash BIOS for simple upgrades

Touch screen mouse-type emulation driver

Operating Systems

Windows 3.11, Windows '95, Windows NT


Novell Netware 3.x/4.x

Peer to Peer networks including LANtastic

Others including TCP/IP, ODI, and NDIS based networks

Video Interface and Connectivity

Integrated VGA LCD controller w/GUI accelerator

1MB Video Memory, PCI based, capable of displaying 16

bit (Hi Color)

Integrated 10BaseT Ethernet controller (NE 2000 5x86

model) (NE 3200 Pentium model)

Software controlled I/O port addresses and IRQ settings


Integrated Local Bus enhanced IDE controller supporting a

3.5" HDD, ATA enhanced modes

(2) Integrated serial ports for internal touchscreen and

customer display option

(4) 16550 type serial ports with RJ 45 connections

(2) 24 Volt dedicated cash drawer ports

(1) Enhanced parallel port

PS/2 Keyboard port for keyboard and/or magnetic card


External floppy drive port

Physical Dimensions

12.75" (w) x 6.0" (h) x 10.25" (d)

30 cm (w) x 14 cm (h) x 25 cm (d)

Weight .... 12 lbs (5.45 kg)

Power .... External Power Adapter

100-240 VAC .8A/50/60 Hz (Auto-Ranging)

Temperature .... Operating 0 to 45 degrees Celsius

Storage .... -25 to 85 degrees Celsius

Humidity .... 95% non-condensing

Safety .... UL, CSA, CE

EMI .... FCC Class A


. . . . . . .(C) 1999 Steve Karas and Associates .email
(602) 494-9090


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