Our newest Touch Panels  Steve Karas and Associates

Versatile and modular, the eKiosk wireless customer-service terminal. It is a flexible and robust device that can be mounted virtually anywhere and in any forms including tabletop, pedestal, pole and wall mounting. By integrating a high-performance computer inside and connecting to a thermal printer, MSR, a smart card reader and a 3D scanner, the eKiosk allows multiple e-commerce applications to be deployed in a single unit. In addition to providing online information to clients, it is also commonly used for transaction service. Commercial ads or special promotions can also be inserted during intervals.


o Compact & highly integrated design, able to be installed virtually anywhere in the business location.
o Various peripheral options allow multiple business applications to be deployed in a single unit.
o Versatile mounting options including table-top, pedestal, wall and pole mount offer freedom in installation.
o Wireless LAN option offers the possibility to move the KIOSK to anywhere in the store for specific
o business need without changing the store decoration.
o Open architecture and fully PC compatible offers the best solution platform for system development.
o Rugged cabinet made of heavy-duty steel allows system operation in public sectors.
o Modular design eases maintenance effort and able to add peripherals for specific application.


Front Bezel Indicators
Drive Bay
Standard I/Os
KIOSK Cabinet Mechanism
Display Module

15.1" Elo resistive type with RS-232 controller
15.1" MicroTouch capacitive type with RS-232 controller
15.1" Elo SAW touch with RS-232 controller

** Specification subject to change without notice**